Need Job Aids? 

We also love learning resources. We design and develop learning resources and job aids that support and enhance learning and product implementation.  These non-interactive materials come in many forms, including, but not limited to, presentations, graphic art, checklists, summaries, reference material, how-to guides, worksheets, glossaries, and FAQs. All materials are customized to meet your learning needs. Here are some job aid snapshots.

How-to Guides


How-to guides provide learners with guidance in learning products, software, systems, procedures, and hardware.

Learning Paths


Learning paths help learners view the learning path associated with their course and/or training program. They come in many forms such as outlines, graphics, and tables.

Graphic Art


Graphic art can play in integral part in designing and developing tips, worksheets, activities, discussions, etc. that enhance learning, both online and onsite. We create our own custom graphics.

Learning Path for System Users

We create learning pathways to assist learners in customizing their own training.