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Need E-learning?

Skelly Learning Studio, LLC, is a small learning studio that loves big challenges in creating the right instructional materials for you. E-learning is our love. We design and develop custom e-learning solutions in all formats and across varying platforms for both education and commercial markets.
We like to focus on asynchronous (i.e., self-paced) learning solutions. Why? For the learner, asynchronous learning offers convenience, supports control in pacing, provides just-in-time opportunities, uses interactive experiences, and provides a higher retention rate in education. As a result, our solutions infuse narration, multimedia, interactivity, animations, screencasts, and assessments. These solutions can come in various interactive forms, such as simulations, games, and scenarios.
As a one-stop e-learning studio, SLS can create e-learning solutions from scratch or convert your manuals, how-to guides, PowerPoint presentations, and training-based materials into innovative and interactive e-learning solutions that are both web-based and LMS-based. 
No project is too small. While following the ADDIE instructional design model, SLS keeps its design simple and clean. The content is always instructionally sound, supporting and leading learners to the desired level of skill and knowledge. Here are some e-learning snapshots.
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